Couples’ Retreat

“Getting the Love you Want” – Imago Couples’ Workshop

February 16-18, 2018

Hosted by Die Heimat Country Inn at Next Door Event Center, Homestead, Iowa

The Getting the Love You Want Workshop for Couples is an in-depth experience that many people liken to 6 months of therapy in the course of a weekend.

Acquire Communication Skills: Take your Relationship to the next level

Presenter Jill Fein Baker, LCSW, from Chicago will lead the 20-hour intensive workshop beginning Friday evening and ending Sunday afternoon. For the past two years, couples from all over the mid-west chose to come to the Amana Colonies in February to invest time in this 20-hour intensive weekend workshop to learn better communication and relationship skills. Jill Fein Baker is a skilled facilitator with a passion for life and the material. She uses humor to create a welcoming and safe space for couples.

Imago is a program that is built on the principles of Dr. Harville Hendricks. He and his wife, Dr. Helen LaKelly Hunt, designed these weekend workshops to help couples understand the roots of conflicts and learn to create win-win situations.

For more detailed information and to register for the workshop go to Jill’s website –  or call 847-470-1618

To reserve rooms, book online at or call June at 319-622-3937

Yes, this is a commitment of time and money and would make a wonderful gift for your partner or a couple that you know.