Die HeimatDie Heimat Country Inn B&B is located in the picturesque little village of Homestead, one of the original seven villages of the Amana Colonies.

Some words evoke more than they define and this is the case with the German word for homestead, Die Heimat. Die Heimat means more, much more, than simply homestead.    It means that feeling you get when you travel far, experience much, and then, finally, turn the corner in the long road to see your home. Die Heimat – the place you long for. The place where you find rest, good food and friends who are glad to see you.

Ours is a rich history; legend has it that Die Heimat was the original stagecoach stop in the 1850s.  Die Heimat also operated as an Amana communal kitchen. In 1960 Die Heimat was renovated to accommodate, once again, the travelers who have found a warm welcome for more than fifty years!

Current Innkeepers Marc and June Hershberger purchased Die Heimat Country Inn B&B in July 2014.

Die Heimat is a perfect blend of history and modern comforts. Its decor is in keeping with Amana traditions, such as “Amana-blue” walls and Amana-made furniture. Ours is a simple wooden structure, with the charm and quirks of an 1850’s building.  We are constantly updating and renovating to provide guests with enhanced amenities and an experience of “Gemutlichkeit” (friendly and welcoming).