A Trip Down Memory Lane

This past weekend, Linda surprised her mother, Eunice, with an overnight stay at Die Heimat. Eunice had stayed here at “Die Heimat Motor Lodge” in the 1970s and had wonderful memories of her times here. When the two planned to visit the Amana Colonies, Eunice asked her daughter if they couldn’t at least drive past Die Heimat to relive some of those memories. She was delighted to find out that Linda had made reservations weeks ago to actually spend the night again.

We often have guests who remember staying here years ago for their honeymoon or a special anniversary. Stories like these make us realize that Die Heimat has been around for a long time – over 50 years. In the early 60s several buildings were renovated from a private residence – and prior to that a communal kitchen – into an inn with guest rooms and private baths.  Die Heimat was the first B&B type lodging in the colonies. We are just the most recent link in a long chain of owners and of guests who have passed through these doors. It is a privilege to continue the tradition of offering hospitality to the many guests who choose to stay here.

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